1. Strongly supports women’s right to choose – would compromise on late-term in exchange for general access - significant legislative record in support of federal funding for emergency contraception, free contraceptives for low-income women, comprehensive sex education - 100% NARAL rating in 2003
  2. Strongly supports legal protections, affirmative action for women and minorities - women’s rights a major legislative priority - 96% NAACP rating in 2003 - supported gender equity in management hiring as Walmart board member
  3. Supported gay civil benefits but not marriage – now strongly supports marriage rights
  4. Supports religious expression, but not federal funding or special exemptions as in the Hobby Lobby ruling
  5. Strongly supports protecting, expanding Obamacare (public option?) – opposes single-payer - aims for 100% coverage
  6. Strongly opposes Social Security reduction or privatization – supports raising payroll tax cap
  7. Strongly opposes voucher system for education – supports Common Core
  8. Strongly supports EPA regulation – voted to clean up lead, mercury
  9. Opposes stricter crime laws – views have shifted significantly on this topic - supports death penalty - supports mandatory body cameras - supported Second Chance Act
  10. Strongly opposes gun rights - no longer supports national gun registry
  11. Strongly supports higher income taxes on wealthy – deeply mixed record on Wall Street taxes – voted against AMT cut/repeal, in favor of capital gains cuts - supports effective tax rate of 30% for wealthy - supported regulation on hedge funds, subprime mortgages before recession - supports estate tax
  12. Strongly supports pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants - would halt Obama’s deportations - voted for federal funding for sanctuary cities - voted to allow undocumented immigrants to contribute to, receive Social Security benefits - sponsored bill to extend Medicaid coverage to undocumented minors
  13. Supports American exceptionalism within a multilateral international framework – supports accepting refugees
  14. Very mixed record on free trade – voted against CAFTA in 2005, flipped on TPP, opposed NAFTA in 2007, supported MFN for China, opposed fast-track trade authority - criticized bilateral trade deals for poor labor protections, but eventually voted for them – Voting record somehow still rated 17% (anti-free trade) by Cato Institute, formerly known as the Charles Koch Foundation
  15. Opposes military expansion, supports funding for soldiers and veterans
  16. Strongly supports increased voter access – opposes voter ID laws – supports constitutional amendment against Citizens United – has largest money operation in American politics - voted to ban campaign contributions from unions and corporations (weird, right?)
  17. Supports American involvement in overseas conflicts and crises
  18. Strongly supports green energy investment and fighting climate change – prefers cap-and-trade to carbon tax - supported CAFE, Kyoto - supports regulating energy speculators, taxing oil companies to fund green energy - emphasized environmental concerns as Walmart board member
  19. Opposes imprisoning drug offenders – OK with medical marijuana - federal funding to combat opioid addiction, including repeal of federal regulations against methadone clinics
  20. Supports government stimulus and infrastructure spending to improve economy - supports $12 minimum wage with COLA - supported minimum wage increases in 1999, 2007
  21. Supports unions’ right to organize and bargain - voted against law to allow management to interfere with union organization - 94% AFL-CIO rating 2009 (average for a Democratic legislator)