The first night is the easy part. Not much more than slapping on the body armor and putting out fires. Managing this political crisis in the medium and long term will be the real test of the same municipal government that brought these riots about. Is there any reason to believe they’ll succeed? Honest question for… » 4/28/15 12:31am Today 12:31am

I was just arguing a week ago that this kind of rioting is a rarity in American cities, because we’ve made marginal progress in race relations. If this gets any worse, I am going to be eating some very unwelcome crow. » 4/27/15 7:27pm Yesterday 7:27pm

All in the service of sight lines. The canopy was repositioned forward between prototype and production to improve visibility. I suspect (but haven’t found documentation) this might have been influenced by Lockheed trying to sell the F-22 as the basis for the NATF. » 4/27/15 2:53pm Yesterday 2:53pm

The V-22 was forced by necessity into an intelligent design. That is, everyone was so uncertain that the thing would work at all that they didn’t start adding extra features or specifications until the original model was practically in service; all they had to do was make the basic design work. Since the V-22’s… » 4/27/15 2:41pm Yesterday 2:41pm

This sort of speech has been more the rule than the exception for much of American history. Newspapers were poorly edited and rarely bothered with reliable sources, whole political movements arose from conspiracy theories, and the average person was incredibly poorly informed. » 4/27/15 12:34pm Yesterday 12:34pm

Alternative proposal: What if teens are cool, but cool people suck as much as uncool people do?

Some cool people don’t suck: Miles Davis, Marvin Gaye, Paul Newman. Lots of cool people do suck: Will Smith, David Beckham, Che Guevara, Jim Morrison. So there doesn’t seem to be much correlation. Inversely, there is no… » 4/27/15 12:02pm Yesterday 12:02pm

A Delaware family court has found Kurt Busch to have “by a preponderance of the evidence ... committed an act of domestic violence” against his ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll, which required a protective order that was granted Monday.

In his reasoning, released Friday afternoon, Kent County commissioner David Jones…

» 4/26/15 8:24pm Sunday 8:24pm

This is the part I don’t get: Gun ownership keeps being made more legally convenient and ubiquitous, even as they claim the government becomes ever larger and more oppressive. The government is obsessed with keeping people down, but also really wants them to be able to resort to armed insurrection. Is this what my… » 4/25/15 6:25pm Saturday 6:25pm

Restricted access to general healthcare, restricted access to sex education, and restricted access to contraceptives and family planning are all wrapped up in a big ball of reactionary idiocy. No need to pick just one. » 4/25/15 6:05pm Saturday 6:05pm

If the government is incapable of reform, the only route to change is revolution, by definition. If representatives are serving their own interests, then you’re either going to have to find new representatives who will effectively express the will of the people (presuming you can even making military spending reform… » 4/24/15 10:28pm Friday 10:28pm

Ambitious people will be driven to success regardless of the compensation at the top. Army generals max out at under $200k in salary. Does anyone believe that this somehow dissuades motivated officers from moving up in the ranks? Power has its own rewards. They don’t need any special monetary incentive. Rewarding… » 4/24/15 10:36am Friday 10:36am

Remember kids: The more important you become, and the more responsibility you have to protect America and her secrets, the less likely you are to serve time just because you broke a few measly laws or violated your oath of service. Justice is served! » 4/23/15 3:40pm Thursday 3:40pm